Treatment Options

These treatment methods are available to you from Mark Hirschmann following his assessment of your situation and a thoughtful discussion with you about your goals and interests.

  • Crisis Intervention
    Meets immediate client needs.
  • Solution Focused
    Examines and amplifies client strengths and successes for adolescents, adults, and couples.
  • Relationship Transition Adjustment
    Assists clients adjusting to changes marriage, children, divorce, blended family arrangements, affairs, rebuilding relationships, empty nest, retirement, illness, and death in the family.
  • Relationship Skills Education
    Helps clients learn and use the skills that make intimate human interactions more productive, such as, Deep Listening.
  • Effective Parenting
    Guides clients in finding and using age-appropriate and growth producing interactions with children and adolescents, such as the One Minute Time-out.
  • Advanced Communication
    Guides clients toward the identification and practice of human communication in personal and professional settings.
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
    Helps clients identify and modify internal emotional states toward the goal of reducing emotional extremes and finding greater calm within. This approach has also been known to reduce physical pain and discomforts of unknown or obscure origins. For more information, see
  • Inner Selves
    Helps clients identify and work with inner “selves” or “parts” to create greater inner harmony and cooperation with intimate others. For more information go to
  • Changing your Partner through Changing Yourself
    Guides clients through self-change with the prospect of producing favorably changes in the behavior of significant others.
  • The Power of Acceptance
    Helps clients achieve new levels of personal acceptance to develop internal peace and coping with the external world.

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